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Does Your Small Business Qualify for Government Contracts?

This tool can help you determine if you qualify as a "small business" under SBA size standards. Qualifying as "small" may allow your business to take advantage of valuable government contracting opportunities reserved for small businesses. To be eligible as a small business concern, your business must satisfy the SBA’s size standard for your industry, be operated for profit, be independently owned and operated, and be based in the U.S., making significant contributions to the U.S. economy.

SBA uses the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) as the basis for its size standards. NAICS assigns numerical codes to classify business activities to various economic sectors and industries. An NAICS code has six digits. The first two indicate the economic Sector, the third the Subsector, the fourth the Industry Group, the fifth the Industry, and the sixth the U.S. Industry.

  • 1. Enter Your Six Digit NAICS Code(s)

    Don't know your NAICS code? Visit the official NAICS website to find the code(s) applicable to your industry.

    Please note that SBA's size standards are currently based on 2012 NAICS. Thus, this tool requires a 2012 NAICS code to generate a result.

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